20 juillet 2017

Bafing/ the mayor of Touba requests for the revival of the Soya project

20 July (agrici.net) we wish for the revival of the soya project. This project can help with the integration of our youth who lack employment. We […]
22 mai 2017

Ending the plundering of African coastal waters

According to Max Bankole Jarrett of the Africa Progress Panel, illegal fishing is responsible for a loss of 1, 3 billion dollars each year in West […]
22 mai 2017

In Egypt, the crisis fosters the hardship of wheat farmers

The announcement made by the government about wheat price indexation based on international prices, which was subsidized until then put small producers in disarray. The gentle […]
22 mai 2017

Agriculture faces climate change: the return of hunters and gatherers?

Climate change might submerge between 35 and 122 million more people into extreme poverty by 2030. “In order to exterminate hunger and poverty by 2030, while […]