SARA Presentation


In only 4 editions, SARA has positioned itself as the (agricultural ,animal resources, fisheries and forestry) reference trade fair in sub-Saharan Africa.
16 years after the last edition, SARA (International Exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Abidjan) got revived by Ivorian Government to promote and develop the whole asset of the agricultural, livestock and fishery sector in Côte d'Ivoire.
The 4th edition of SARA held from November 17 to 26 2017 was a great success both at the level of the organization and the results obtained. Over 10 days, exhibitors and visitors from all over Côte d'Ivoire and several host countries have had enriching experiences that most of them hope to relive in 2019.


A platform for direct investment opportunities in the agricultural, animal resources, fisheries and forestry sector:

The 2017 edition made it possible to give effect to projects through B To B meetings, business meetings and informal discussions with businessmen, financial institutions, SMEs, NGOs ...
In total, over :
- 120 B To B meetings
- 950 business meetings,
- 19 panels and workshops
- 35 sharing meetings
- 4 conference
- 3 focus days
- 9 specialized meetings

The most beautiful exhibition showcase of Ivorian agricultural know-how, livestock farming and fishing:

SARA is 9 hubs that make it possible to discover specificities, agricultural, animal, fishery and forest wealth of the Ivorian regions and the countries of the sub-region
Once again this year, Côte d'Ivoire's 14 districts and 31 regions are getting ready to showcase their best.

A place of life and education through discoveries and nocturnes for entertainment:

There are more than 300,000 visits including 70,000 visits of children who took pleasure in visiting SARA for unique and unforgettable experiences through visits to the exhibition center, the SARA PARC, the gastronomic area, the animal park, the SARA market (SARA MARKET)
And every night the "SARA by night" SARA village, with entertainment, concerts ... has aroused a real enthusiasm among exhibitors and the entire population.

A forum for sharing skills and know-how in agriculture, livestock and fisheries:

Through conferences, training and information workshops, exhibitors and visitors have benefited from national and international success stories.
In 2017 we registered 25 country representations.
The 2019 edition is already recording new countries that have been seduced by the success of the last edition.