The International Exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Abidjan is the platform for meeting and sharing experiences between the stakeholders of the agricultural, animal and fish resources sector, the major event of the agricultural industry in West Africa.
Come and take a look at the 4 Axes of improvements of this latest edition of SARA 2019

Axis 1: Increase the size of the trade show

  • A new conference room
  • More than 12 hectares area
  • More than 800 exhibitors
  • More than 350,000 visits expected
  • More than 30 countries from Africa, Europe, Asia, America
  • 18,000 m² of exhibition hub under marquee
  • A conference room with 1500 adjustable seats
  • Workshop rooms
  • VIP meeting place
  • A public and exhibitors parking lot of 1000 places
  • VIP parking with 200 seats
  • A concert podium + a SARA VILLAGE space of 1000 places
  • A VIP restaurant with 150 seats
  • An exhibitor restaurant with 300 seats
  • SARA PARK : the children area

Axis 2: The welcome component

  • Better control of the Show visits
  • Specific experiences through 3 typical courses

"Family" path
  • Discovery and agricultural awakening
  • Immersion for toddlers
  • Fun and educational activities

Shopping route
  • (re) Discover and buy the products of the Ivorian terroir
  • Immersion for toddlers
  • Discover the specialties of other countries

Business route
  • The value stream of our agriculture: inputs, phytosanitary bio, seeds, irrigation, equipment, etc ...
  • Facilitate partnerships

Axis 3: SARA Afterworks

A unique space for talent expression in innovation and smart agriculture
  • The moment of the agricultural entrepreneur
  • - Allow project promoters to present their ideas
    - With b2b links
  • Sharing experiences
  • - To enrich from entrepreneurial experiences of the pioneers in the agricultural sector

Axis 4: Exhibitor optimization

Offer solutions to advertisers to achieve their 2-level exposure goals
  • Better business support
  • - Availability: understand your exhibition objectives - Flexibility: to take into account the specificities of each activity - Solutions: to exhibitors concerns
  • • Unusual exhibition platforms "Buzz Exhibitor":
  • - Exhibitor promotions on SARA2019 social networks - 2min for exhibitors on the National TV and on the SARATV tray