Prikro / Various cooperatives received cassava stems

Indénié-Djuablin / Breakdown in Agriculture
24 July 2017
Restructuring of the rubber and palm oil sectors at the heart of the 6th JAAD in South Comoé
27 July 2017

Prikro / Various cooperatives received cassava stems

24 July ( – Prikro deputy, Isaac Kouamé Adi, during a gathering on Sunday, proceeded to give out “enhanced production” cassava stems to various agricultural cooperatives in the region. This was meant to aid them in some way to fight against poverty in rural settings.

According to honourable Isaac Adi, the Prikro municipality that has about 50 agricultural cooperatives has to spearhead the economy of the Iffou region, in order to change the tide that constitutes getting food crop supplies from major cities and reselling in Prikro.

With these stems, let us have others come get supplies from us and not the other way around, Isaac Adi said to the members of the 24 different cooperatives present.

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