Guessabo/ An increase in fish prices

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20 July 2017
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24 July 2017

Guessabo/ An increase in fish prices

20th July ( Buying fish is an impossible task in Guessabo (at about 30 kilometres of daloa). The price of fish has increased considerably lately in this area of the western part in the centre of the country. This is certainly the assessment we made. To buy 10 carp fish, one must spend 5000 francs CFA henceforth, instead of 2500 francs CFA like before.

A stack of five catfish is now 6000 francs as opposed to 3500 just a few months ago. In order to know a little more on the increase in prices of these fishes, we interviewed saleswomen. One of them called Coulibaly Salimata said it is not their fault, she added that it finding fish lately is very difficult, thus explaining the price increase. Another saleswoman who was standing right next to our speaker said according to her that the increase in prices was particularly the fault of fishermen.

Adjoua Flore explained that it fishermen sell fish at expensive prices to them, so they do their best to make a profit if not they will be selling at a loss. Customers are outraged by this increase in prices.

They disclose that saleswomen according to them sell products according to the appearance of each client. An anonymous economic operator in the Guessabo village explains that, upon seeing a customer with a personal car, saleswomen tend to increase fish prices, as opposed to when customers are alone, on foot and without a car. As a result of this increase, the Guessabo region is not teeming with people as it did before.

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