Bafing/ the mayor of Touba requests for the revival of the Soya project

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22 May 2017
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20 July 2017

Bafing/ the mayor of Touba requests for the revival of the Soya project

20 July ( we wish for the revival of the soya project. This project can help with the integration of our youth who lack employment. We pray our cries be heard by the Ivorian government pleaded Bamba Lamine mayor of Touba during an interview he had with us on July 16th on our visit to this area of the North West.

He who is also an animal production technician by profession, explained that since the discontinuation of the soya project, the city if in utter poverty. Since the closing of the project office, the economy has slowed down in the Bafing region. This project impacted many lives in Touba because it gave a chance to various people to be able to live decent lives, said the mayor. He also made it clear that he had already addressed a courier to the ministry of agriculture concerning the revival of this project. During our visit to the regional office of this project located at the heart of the (Anader) Bafing national delegation agency for rural development, we saw machinery that belonged to the soya project in a faulty state.

An anonymous officer of the project revealed that these machines are out of order, and do not work anymore. He said ever since the enterprise closed its doors, they were unemployed. During the state visit of the President in the Bafing region, the population requested for the revival of the Soya project. Promises were made by President Ouattara on the revival of the project, but it has been many months that the Bafing population is waiting for these promises to be held and acted upon.

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