B to B Meetings

This space is made available to allow for scheduling of Business to Business encounters and meetings with potential local and foreign partners in view of foreseeable business relations.

Premises of business meetings

Business to Business public meetings These meetings are of open access to all project bearers and potential investors or partners hoping to know of existing business opportunities.

Private Meetings: These will be held for projects which have been subject to preliminary discussions with an investor who is willing to finalize the deal by signing a contract.

NB :Private meetings will be held upon request by investors who have precise intentions of funding projects.

Sectors over which exchanges will take place

Crop ProductionLivestock ProductionForestryInfrastructure and improvements
Cash crop production
Vegetable production
Horticultural production
Others to be specified...
Livestock breeding
Animal nutrition
Animal health
Public hygiene
Transformation of animal products
Others to be specified...
Sustainable development
Community forestry
Wood transformation
Others to be specified...
Hydro-agricultural improvements
Forestry, abattoir, loading docks and warehouse
Rural property
Others to be specified...

Meeting workflow

Meetings will be held from the 19th to the 26th of November, following an approximately 25 minute schedule per meeting in a dedicated space in which various meetings can be held simultaneously.
To be able to take part in any meeting, you must register and indicate your field of interest before 27th October 2017. This will facilitate elaboration of meeting schedules and enable you to be able to effectively attend meetings.
A data base of enterprises wanting to partake in Business to Business meetings will facilitate with elaboration of meeting schedules.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.
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